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A web-interview with Mr. Shorrock

October 19th, 1997
Glenn's comment

I received this message on October 15th, 1997: GLENN SHORROCK long time frontman and lead singer of LITTLE RIVER BAND answered questions that many fans and visitors of our web pages have submitted. I was so glad he came back to us with his answers so quickly. He tells us about some very interesting news concerning his career and his future activities. Read about certain phases of his career, the '"Blazing Salads" project, his thoughts about a re-union of the original cast of LRB, etc. ...

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www.lrb.net Glenn
1.) Are there any new projects in the works, especially a follow-up album of 'Blazing Salads'? [probably a very popular question?] 'Blazing Salads' was a very enjoyable project Brian Cadd and I did in 1994 at Brian's then home studio in Nashville. Unfortunately it received little or no radio support and therefore has ended up alongside my solo album as a collectors item!
At present I'm working on a pet project to stage a series of concerts here in Australia of the major works of the BEATLES performed by an all star line up and 50 piece orchestra conducted by Sir George Martin beginning in late January 1998 at the Sydney Opera House! A CD is not out of the question either.
2.) What period of LITTLE RIVER BAND did you enjoy the most? And thinking of the other stages of your personal career [AXIOM, ESPERANTO, solo, BLAZING SALDS] ... which one were you comfortable with the most? 1976-1981 were the most enjoyable with LRB obviously due to our successes internationally, especially in the USA. Unfortunately since then it has wobbled its way along until today it appears to have become just one of those tribute bands led by one original member, drummer Derek Pellicci. My first band, THE TWILIGHTS (1962-1969), is the band I remember most fondly, we were very close then in a very exciting period of Pop. Of course I've had some great times with all the people and groups I've worked with over the last 35 years!
3.) Will you do any touring any time soon? I think my touring days are over now, but never say never!
4.) Both, 'Monsoon' and 'Get Lucky' were both such great albums ... what happened PR-wise, etc. that caused them both fail to hit the US charts and become the big hits they deserved to be? Back in 1987 Irving Azoff the then head of MCA Records reputedly said "put the original singer back up front of the band and we'll make hit records again." I agreed and then as 'Monsoon' was about to be released he quit the company leaving us without that essential support from the head of the 'totem pole.' And without that company commitment we missed our come back opportunity.
5.) It's obvious that BEEB BIRTLES and GRAEHAM GOBLE had a great effect to the spiritual side of LITTLE RIVER BAND, being the active Christians that they are ... did you support this, or else: how did you get along with it? There are so many paths up the mountain ... !
6.) Of all the songs you have written, which is your favorite and why? Cool Change is the obvious choice but my most satisfying composition was Will You Stand With Me? from 'Villain Of The Peace' as a testimony of my feelings as a songwriter.
7.) RICK FORMOSA was one of the founding members of LRB and seemed to be influential in establishing the LRB style of music, but he did not stay in the band for long. Can you fill us in on his involvement in the band, why he left and what he went on to do? Although not a founding member Rick was a great influence in LRB'S early recording career, especially on 'After Hours,' my favorite LRB album. Rick went on to pursue an academic musical career and still works here in Melbourne as an arranger and producer, as far as I know.
8.) Of course many fans would like to know: do you see any chances for a re-union with certain former band members like BEEB, GRAEHAM or DAVID BRIGGS? And: are you still in contact with JOHN BOYLAN, LRB- and producer of your 'Villain Of The Peace' album? The chances are remote to say the least. I haven't talked with John Boylan in quite awhile but of course his work with LRB can never be overstated.
9.) You re-recorded an old BRIAN CADD/DON UDIE composition, A Little Ray Of Sunshine for the debut album of 'Blazing Salads'. Are you thinking of re-recording other old songs, too? I've recently been approached to do an album of classic Aussie compositions, so I guess the answer is yes.
10.) Thinking of the time LITTLE RIVER BAND had their biggest successes ... how did you personally get along with knowing that your songs and sound meant so much to so many people? Have you realized what a high people came away from the LRB concerts with? The biggest joy for this songwriter is to have been able to communicate en masse with an appreciative audience especially since most of my songs are of a personal nature.

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