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Little River Band

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Glenn Shorrock

Glenn Shorrock
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GLENN was in front of LITTLE RIVER BAND as their lead singer since their foundation in 1975 to February 1982, subsequent to the release of the highly successful 'Time Exposure' album and a following U.S. tour. After that he left the group due to differences with members of the band and the way of collaborating within the group.

Because of GLENN'S hit compositions which LITTLE RIVER BAND scored in those earlier seven years it is plain to see that GLENN SHORROCK has always been the best-accepted and most appreciated lead singer of the group. Until the day he took his hat he had contributed with well-known chart busters like Emma, Help Is On Its Way, Shut Down, Turn Off, Cool Change and Man On Your Mind.

After his departure GLENN recorded his first solo album, 'Villain Of The Peace', produced by long-time LRB producer JOHN BOYLAN. They used highly-acclaimed and well-known American session musicians such as TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT [POCO, THE EAGLES], JEFF BAXTER [STEELY DAN], BILL PAYNE [LITTLE FEAT], TOM SCOTT, MICHAEL BODDICKER, BOB GLAUB [session musicians] and - of course - fellow AXIOM sideman and long-time friend BRIAN CADD [one of the few Aussie musicians herein], to name just a few of the players heard on the album. Unfortunately the release wasn't the big success it ought to become with its release in 1983, but it spawned a lot of great songs which are still highlights to SHORROCK- and LRB-fans.

In late 1982 he also joined RENEE GEYER on stage in Sydney, recording the Goffin/King song Goin' Back, which was later released as a single and became a moderate success locally in Australia. After GLENN had also supplied the songs Restless [for the 'World Safari II' project], as well as We're Comin' To Get You [for the documentary film 'Aussie Assault - Australian Music To The World'] with an ethnic-type group called THE BUSHWACKERS, an impressing two-CD set named 'The First Twenty Years' was released in 1985.

After some stage and television work GLENN reunited with his former colleagues to reform LITTLE RIVER BAND in 1998, opening the Word Expo at Brisbane, Australia with a guest appearance of GLENN FREY [THE EAGLES]. This reunion was a suggestion by IRVING AZOFF, at that time director of MCA Records and manager of THE EAGLES as well.

You should read more about the years following GLENN'S second admission to LRB on our history page, but it was obvious that touring the world and playing solely the old hits was tiring, and so GLENN requested a decreasing annual tour schedule from the group. When he found out in 1996 that the tour schedule was again growing tremendously he got upset and took his hat once again.

Ever since he worked on his pet project with SIR GEORGE MARTIN called 'All You Need Is Beatles', teaming up with the best of Australia's musicians to stage a series of shows.

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Name: Glenn Shorrock
Date of birth: June 30th, 1944
Place of birth: Chatham, England
Instruments: lead vocals [some guitars and keyboards]
Likes: [sorry, I didn't ask]
Dislikes: [sorry, I didn't ask]
Musical carreer: CHECKMATES, THE TWILIGHTS [1965-69], AXIOM [1969-71], ESPERANTO [1973], solo, LITTLE RIVER BAND [1975-92], solo, LITTLE RIVER BAND [1988-96], solo, BIRTLES SHORROCK GOBLE [since 2002]
Other activities: 'Grease - Australian cast', 'All You Need Is Beatles'

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Esperanto Rock Orchestra - Esperanto
Staying in London after the breakup of AXIOM, GLENN SHORROCK joined the ESPERANTO ROCK ORCHESTRA. This is their debut album and the only one that GLENN contributed to as one of the lead singers as well as with his songwriting skills. ESPERANTO ROCK ORCHESTRA'S debut contains an early version of Statue Of Liberty as well as another co-composition of GLENN: Move Away, co-written with ESPERANTO leader RAYMOND VINCENT. Esperanto Rock Orchestra
Glenn Shorrock - Villain Of The Peace
The first release of GLENN SHORROCK as a solo singer, after having left LRB in 1982. This album, produced by long-time LITTLE RIVER BAND producer JOHN BOYLAN sounds very much like the band, which emphasizes SHORROCK'S qualities as a songwriter for the group and his contribution to the successful LRB sound. Glenn Shorrock - Villain Of The Peace
Glenn Shorrock - Villain Of The Peace
re-issued 1996
This is the Australian CD version of GLENN'S solo album. When I received it I was tremendously surprised to see this CD wasn't the exact copy of the vinyl album. They've put three songs on it, that didn't appear to be on the vinyl. Summer In The City, MartiniqueDo It Anyway. Til I Loved You and Haunting Me were deleted.
Can't find a reason they didn't include all songs! But one of the best sources for Australian rock music, STEFAN WARNQUIST, tried to give an explanation. Read, what STEFAN thinks this is all about.
Glenn Shorrock - Villain Of The Peace
Glenn Shorrock - The First 20 Years
A compilation of GLENN'S most important songs, starting with tracks of THE TWILIGHTS and AXIOM, some of his solo recordings, the most successful stuff he did with LITTLE RIVER BAND and the late solo efforts like Dream Lover or the cover of the BEATLES song Paperback Writer. Glenn Shorrock - The First 20 Years
Glenn Shorrock & Brian Cadd - Blazing Salads
After finishing the '92 world tour with LITTLE RIVER BAND, GLENN SHORROCK went together with his old friend BRIAN CADD, formerly a member of AXIOM, where GLENN had been the lead singer from 1969 to 1971. This BLAZING SALADS album sounds as western as GLENN'S first solo album release. It also contains the LRB title My Own Way Home, which was previously known as a studio recording from the 'Live Classics' album. Former LRB sideman RICHARD BRYANT and [then] ex-member WAYNE NELSON also joined these sessions. The sleeve notes read: "Glenn would like to thank Brian for showing him another way !" Blazing Salads
Glenn Shorrock - Spin Me Round
After almost six years GLENN finally reappeared on the marked with his new album, recorded at BRIAN CADD'S 'Ginger Man Studio'. Unfortunately only a small selection of the songs contained on this album are actually new recordings. Most of these songs are the result of a call put out by GLENN and BRIAN back in 1995 to publishers in Nashville in order to sight new material for a planned LITLE RIVER BAND recording in 1995. Other then these new track 'Spin Me 'Round' also contains cuts from GLENN'S LRB days and his first solo album 'Villain Of The Peace'. Glenn Shorrock - Spin Me Round
Glenn Shorrock & Brian Cadd - Orchestra Of Grunt
I'm not sure when this Maxi-CD was put on the market exactly, but Orchestra Of Grunt was released in the same year as GLENN'S latest solo album, 'Spin Me 'Round'. Orchestra Of Grunt is a pretty heavy song, and the cover states it's 'the definitive anthem for Australian Motor Racing. It combines race, drag, rally, bikes and street cars with special assistance of the drivers mentioned.' This MCD contains two mix versions, a Rev Head Radio Mix and an Exhausted Mix. The composition wasn't penned by either GLENN or BRIAN CADD, but by SCOTT COOPER and CRAIG ROSS.
Audio example on our audio page.
Glenn Shorrock & Brian Cadd - Orchestra Of Grunt
Birtles Shorrock Goble -
Full Circle
After more than twenty years founding members BEEB BIRTLES, GRAEHAM GOBLE and GLENN SHORROCK finally reunited in 2002 and extensively toured Australia and the Asian area, mainly performing older songs made famous as LITTLE RIVER BAND. As a result of these performances this album hit the market in October 2003, containing 18 tracks. Due to the fact that the lineup surrounding STEPHEN HOUSDEN and WAYNE NELSON holds all the rights of the name "LITTLE RIVER BAND" BEEB, GRAEHAM and GLENN decided to simply use their own names, but the cover states "The original voices of LITTLE RIVER BAND" which is an indisputable historical fact. Full Circle
Birtles Shorrock Goble -
Full Circle DVD
The reappearance of BIRTLES SHORROCK GOBLE in Australia was not only documented on CD, but on a DVD with the same title which was filmed during their shows July 18th and 19th, 2003 at The Forum Theatre, Melbourne. Different to the CD this DVD brings a total of 30 tracks which every fan of the early LITTLE RIVER BAND will highly appreciate and enjoy! Other than the well-known LRB tracks you will also hear and see performances of BEEB BIRTLES' Photogentic [initially from this 'Driven By Dreams' album], GLENN'S Deep Water and a new song of GRAEHAM GOBLE, Heart & Soul. Full Circle

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