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Little River Band

A web-interview with Mr. Pellicci

May 31st, 1997

Derek's comment

It was Easter 1997 when a surprising eMail message tore me out of a sleepy mood. As I said on the reports page I had the opportunity to talk to LITTLE RIVER BAND drummer DEREK PELLICCI on the telephone. Of course it was very interesting to hear what changes the band had gone through at the time. Due to the fact that there were a number of questions left of LRB fans as well as myself I deemed it best for DEREK to answer those directly. Looking back at this interview it appears pretty stupid to me, as we have developed so much information with LITTLE RIVER BAND up to today and so many changes happened since then ... but hey, let's consider this a historical document. Here's what I'd like to call a web-interview with DEREK PELLICCI ...

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www.lrb.net Derek
1.) Regarding the forthcoming US-tour, does LITTLE RIVER BAND already test new material, new songs that might be available on a future release, or do you focus on playing the known songs and hits? We play ALL the hits from the Capitol greatest hits album, selected album cuts, plus a couple of new songs.
2.) A lot of fans are interested in the destiny of WAYNE NELSON. Can you tell us where he went to and who he plays with right now? What reasons made him leave the band?

I have not been in contact with Wayne for quite a few months and therefore do not know what he is presently doing.
3.) Due to the fact that most of the former members still play together on various projects [i.e. you played on GRAEHAM'S latest recordings], do you think maybe one day there might be a reunion of the original cast including GRAEHAM and BEEB? As with many other groups, there is some 'politics' that I think would hinder a reunion of the 'original' members at this present time. However, I cannot predict what may happen in the future!
4.) What does GLENN SHORROCK plan to do next? We know about his 'Blazing Salads'. Will he be touring solo, did he put up a band? I have no idea what Glenn plans to do next.
5.) PETER BECKETT already composed for the 'Monsoon' album, and therefore I wondered how you got to know him. Is he Australian or American? It's apparent that you were in contact with him long before GRAEHAM left the band ... what sort of collaboration did the group and PETER have prior to him becoming a full member? Peter Beckett had the same manager as Little River Band and was therefore introduced to us as a replacement for Graham Goble. Peter was born in Liverpool, England but has been residing in Los Angeles, California for many, many years.
6.) Do you know what BEEB BIRTELS (Gerard Bertelkamp) is planning to do? Still producing music, or is he gonna stay with his family? Beeb lives in Brentwood, Tennessee (near Nashville). I have not spoken with him for some time, but his wife came to one of our shows last year and informed me he is busy collaborating with various Nashville writers.
7.) Can you fill us in about the reasons why he [BEEB] and GRAEHAM released 'The Last Romance' shortly after having the successful 'First Under Wire' out? Beeb & Graham had many songs that had not been used by LRB and were very keen to put them out as a duo. The album spawned a very successful single I'm Coming Home which I had the pleasure of playing on!!
8.) You informed me about the option of a new album release. Did the band already record some new material or is it yet to be recorded? Do you already have plans where these recordings will take place, in Australia or in the US? Plans to record are still "too sketchy" to give more information at present.
9.) What were your reasons for leaving the band in 1984 when JOHN FARNHAM was still with the group? What did you do meanwhile? Was it because of a band called YU-EN including keyboard player HIRSCHFELDER and VENETTA FIELDS? Did they ever release a recording? I felt that the band with John was moving in a direction that I wasn't comfortable with, and therefore believed, that as I wasn't putting in positive energy it was time for me to depart the group. "Yu-En" was simply a studio project we put together for the Christmas single 'Little Drummer Boy'. It had no bearing on my leaving the group.
10.) What about the logo and the name LITTLE RIVER BAND? Whenever I heard of changes within the band I was afraid there may be constellations where the use of this name wouldn't be possible anymore. The current band has all rights to use the LRB logos et cetera.
Derek Pellicci
Founding member on the drums - Mr. Derek Pellicci

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