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Little River Band


Since the mid 70's, the Australian LITTLE RIVER BAND is known as one of the finest soft-rock bands in the world. They've sold close to 25 million copies of their records, and therefore became one of the five greatest rock acts to ever come from Australia! Due to the fact that there wasn't much information to be found about the boys on the internet, I decided to setup this information to share with all the other fans. Since the initial launching of 'lrb.net' many people have made contact, and encouraged us to continue working and add more and more details. To read a special thank you please visit this page.

With the launching of the official webpages at 'littleriverband.com' and 'birtlesshorrockgoble.com', 'lrb.net' redefined its purpose and goal. 'lrb.net' will remain a memorial page for the history of this great Australian act from the first day on and a source of information about current and former band members, the solo and side projects of interest, releases throughout the years, lyrics, etc.

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Back at the end of the 70s, I had sometimes heard their name, LITTLE RIVER BAND, which sounded quite cute to me. But at that time, I had no idea about their music. Then, one day, holding their album 'Time Exposure' in hands, I noticed that BEATLES producer GEORGE MARTIN worked on it. This circumstance made me curious about it, and so I immediately bought the album. Since that time, LITTLE RIVER BAND have always been one of my favorites, as they have always meant way more than just a country or soft rock band to me, and many, many other fans. I can still recall times with my very first steady girlfriend, romancing in her room and listening to such wonderful songs, such as Days On The Road, Home On Monday and Reminiscing.

Since then, I've seen them live on stage only three times. The first time was with JOHN FARNHAM as their lead singer on the 'Net'-tour, and the last time was on the 'Worldwide Love'- and '20th Anniversary Worldwide Tour' with GLENN SHORROCK as lead vocalist. Let me also say that I'm proud I surely own most of their records. Going to Australia in October 1994, I became frustrated that there was not much more about the band to be found, the same was true in the USA, and even here in Europe. Therefore, every little piece of information about them by any of you visitors to this website is welcomed and appreciated very much by all the other fans, as well as by myself.

Time after time I read and learned a lot about them, which I try to recall, compound and write down for everyone to read who might be interested in this band. I hope that you enjoy these pages and will be excited about what we all have enjoyed all these years - the fascination of LITTLE RIVER BAND. I'm busy trying to keep these pages as informative and up-to-date as possible.

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