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Stefan conjectures ...

(..) By the way, on the discography you mention that Glenn's "Villain Of The Peace" has different tracks on LP and CD, and that you can't see any reason that the CD doesn't include all the tracks. I think, I have an explanation (after having read the liner notes for "The First 20 Years").

I believe the 10 tracks on the CD is the album as it was originally released in Australia. Capitol in America probably thought "Good album, but lacks a hit single" and so requested that Glenn records three new tracks (all written by 'professional' songwriters, incidentally) which replaced "Martinique", "Do It Anyway" and "Summer In The City". Of the new tracks, I believe only "Don't Girls Get Lonely" was issued in Australia (as a single).

Hence, when EMI Australia decided to issue this album on CD, they would only have access to the master tapes for the original album, not for the US tracks. This is conjecture on my part but I think this is what happened (a friend of mine works at a record company here, so I know a bit about the wheeling'n'dealing). (..)

From a message, January 5th, 1998

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