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John Farnham


John Farnham - Uncovered

  1. Matilda RealAudio (G. Goble) 4:18
  2. She Says To Me (G. Goble) 3:48
  3. Jillie's Song (J. Farnham/G. Goble) 3:59
  4. Infatuation RealAudio (M. Brady/G. Goble) 2:55
  5. On My Own (G. Goble) 5:12
  6. Back To The Backwoods (G. Goble) 5:12
  7. I Never Did Get Through (G. Goble) 2:44
  8. Please Don't Ask Me (G. Goble) 3:18
  9. She's Everywhere (G. Goble/M. Logan) 4:19
  10. Help (J. Lennon/P. McCartney) 4:24

© 1983

harmony vocals - Timothy B. Schmit, Glenn Shorrock, Brian Cadd
Marcy Levy, Randy Meisner, Tom Kelly, Jude Johnstone, Wendy Matthews, Karla Bonoff
guitars - Kevin Dukes, Jeff Baxter, Andrew Gold, Waddy Wachtel
acoustic guitar - John Boylan
Dobro - David Linley
harmonica - Jimmie Fadden
keyboards - Jai Winding, Bill Payne
synthesizer - Steve Davis, Michael Boddicker
Yamaha CS80 - Bill Payne
bass - Scott Chambers, Bob Glaub
steel drums - Robert Greenidge
drums, Simmons drums - Michael Botts
percussion - Geoffrey Hales
lyricon and saxophone - Tom Scott

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