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Little River Band

Too Late To Load

Too Late To Load
  1. When Will I Be Loved? (1975) (P. Everly) 2:50
  2. "D" (1983) RealAudio (B. Birtles/G. Goble) 3:03
  3. Gunslinger (1976) (G. Shorrock) 4:47
  4. Please Don't Ask Me (G. Goble) 3:17
  5. The Shut Out (1985) (G. Goble) 2:50
  6. One Day (1986) (G. Goble) 2:39
  7. Love Letters (1983) live (V. Young/E. Heyman) 3:07
  8. Stormy Surrender (1985) (G. Goble) 4:53
  9. What Ya Thinka Me (1978) (G. Goble/B. Birtles) 3:37
  10. Tender Betrayal (1986) (G. Goble) 5:58
  11. The Butterfly - instrumental (1985) (trad., arr. Little River Band) 5:58
  12. Chip Off The Old Block (1975) (G. Shorrock) 2:54
      Album conceived by Glenn A. Baker
      Compiled by Graham Goble and Glenn A. Baker

      "Too Late To Load is a dreaded airline term familiar to all travelling musicians. Basically, it means that your luggae and instrument is not going to be in the next city at the same time as you.
      The dozen tracks on this album suffered much the same fate. High quality songs them all, they were somehow in the right place at the wrong time. Ever prolific in the studio, LITTLE RIVER BAND invariably recorded more songs than could be accommodated on each of their first nine studio albums. Some found a berth next time out, others got lost in the shuffle.
      During a tape search for an upcoming double album anthology, many of these studio and concert moments were uncovered and deemed too precious to continue languishing in obscurity. Lovingly polished for eighties ears, they now proudly join LITTLE RIVER BAND stellar body of work."
      Glenn A. Baker

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