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Beeb Birtles & Graeham Goble

The Last Romance

Birtles & Goble - The Last Romance

  1. Lonely Lives RealAudio (B. Birtles/G. Goble) 3:29
  2. Last Romance (B. Birtles) 3:00
  3. I'm Coming Home RealAudio (B. Birtles/G. Goble) 3:48
  4. I Didn't Stand A Chance (G. Goble) 3:05
  5. He Gives Us All His Love (Randy Newman) 4:51
  6. The Netherlands (B. Birtles) 4:55
  7. Into My Life (B. Birtles) 5:37
  8. You'll Never Change Your Mind (B. Birtles/G. Goble) 4:06
  9. How I Feel Tonight (G. Goble) 3:23
  10. Whales (G. Goble) 3:56

© 1979

drums - Mark Kennedy, Derek Pellicci, Jerry Kroon
bass - Michael Clarke, Joe Creighton, George McArdle, Clive Harrison, Barry Sullivan
acoustic piano, keyboards - Peter Jones, Steve Nathan
clavinet, fender rhodes - Mal Logan
oberheim - Alan Zavod
flute - Don Burrows
saxophone - Bill Harrower
lead guitars - David Briggs, solo on Whales by Beeb Birtles
electric rhythm guitars - David Briggs
all vocals and acoustic guitars - Beeb Birtles and Graeham Goble

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Nice album from Little River Band members, December 29, 2000
Reviewer: A music fan from Australia
'The Last Romance' album was recorded by Beeb Birtles and Graeham Goble while they were still members of Little River Band. It has some beautiful harmony tracks on it such as Lonely Lives, Last Romance and the vocally superb I'm Coming Home, which was recorded with most of the LRB group backing them. The album also has some religious tracks such as He Gives Us All His Love from the duo and a nice ecology song called Whales. Well worth a look for fans of Beeb Birtles and Little River Band.

Review for 'lrb.net':

December 12, 2003
Reviewer: John Armstead

If you are a fan of the LRB your collection will never be complete without this album showing the brilliance of Birtles and Goble and their harmonies. It brings a list of songs never recorded by LRB, but with true harmonies and color that only Birtles and Goble can give.

I could not believe the dynamics and depth of the production and the vinyl pressing. Does anyone know where I can get a later CD version released in 1997??

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