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Little River Band

Playing To Win

Diamantina Cocktail
  1. Playing To Win RealAudio (J. Farnham/G. Goble/LRB/Spencer Proffer) 2:58
  2. Reappear (S. Housden/M. Wakeford/G. Goble) 4:06
  3. Blind Eyes (J. Farnham/D. Hirschfelder/R. Chapman) 5:01
  4. Through Her Eyes (S. Housden/M. Wakeford/G. Goble/S. Proffer/LRB) 5:17
  5. When Cathedrals Were White RealAudio (G. Goble/D. Hirschfelder/S. Housden) 4:24
  6. Relentless (G. Goble/S. Proffer/LRB) 5:28
  7. Piece Of The Dream (W. Nelson/D. Scheibner/S. Sheperd) 4:11
  8. Don't Blame Me (G. Goble) 3:30
  9. One Shot In The Dark (S. Housden/M. Wakeford/G. Goble/LRB/S. Proffer) 3:33
  10. Count Me In (W. Nelson/D. Scheibner) 3:47

© 1984

lead vocals - John Farnham
guitars, background vocals - Graham Goble
lead guitar, background vocals - Stephen Housden
bass, background vocals, lead vocals on Count Me In and Piece Of The Dream - Wayne Nelson
keyboards, computer programs, background vocals - David Hirschfelder
drums, percussion - Steven Prestwich

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