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Banging Rush

Holiday In Eden

Banging Rush - Holiday In Eden

  1. Welcome To The Show RealAudio (T. Sciuto/M. Allan/S. Egorin) 2:25
  2. Last Weekend (T. Sciuto/S. Egorin) 4:22
  3. Under A New Sky (T. Sciuto/Griffin) 4:36
  4. If Hell Had Windows (T. Sciuto/S. Egorin) 4:39
  5. Black Rain (T. Sciuto/S. Egorin) 4:42
  6. Mickey Mantle RealAudio (T. Sciuto) 4:19
  7. Break The Fall (T. Sciuto/S. Egorin) 5:09
  8. All Over Again (T. Sciuto/S. Egorin) 4:48
  9. Sabrina (T. Sciuto/S. Egorin) 3:54
  10. Who? (T. Sciuto/S. Egorin) 3:58
  11. Can't Stop The River (T. Sciuto/S. Egorin) 4:21
  12. Light My Fire (The Doors) 3:47

Produced by TONY SCIUTO
© 1997

Banging Rush were:
lead vocals, lead guitars, keyboards & programming - Tony Sciuto
bass, bo-axe, backing vocals - Michael Sciuto
guitars, vocals - Mitchell Allan
drums, percussion - Eric Di Nenna
Additional musicians:
backing vocals - Brandon Sciuto (Black Rain, Sabrina, Who?)
drums - Taso Kostos (Light My Fire, Can't Stop The River), John Coale (Last Weekend), Rob Lasky (Who?), John Tracey (Mickey Mantle)
organ - Paul Soroka (Sabrina), Frank Grande (Light My Fire)
percussion - Dan Garvis (Welcome To The Show, If Hell Had Windows)

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