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Esperanto Rock Orchestra - Esperanto
Staying in London after the breakup of AXIOM, GLENN SHORROCK joins the ESPERANTO ROCK ORCHESTRA. This is their debut album and the only one that GLENN contributed to as one of the lead singers as well as with his songwriting skills. ESPERANTO ROCK ORCHESTRA'S debut contains an early version of Statue Of Liberty as well as another co-composition of GLENN: Move Away, co-written with ESPERANTO leader RAYMOND VINCENT. Esperanto Rock Orchestra
Mississippi - Mississippi
Born from the early experiences in ALISON GROS [who had the 1971 hit 'Daddy Cool' in Australia under the name DRUMMOND], MISSISSIPPI was founded in 1972, initially consisting of GRAEHAM GOBLE, RUSS JOHNSON and JOHN MOWER. This album contains their first well-known hit, Kings Of The World. To my knowledge, MISSISSIPPI was completed by BEEB BIRTLES, DEREK PELLICCI and COLIN DELUCA. Please be sure to read the whole MISSISSIPPI story here! Mississippi
Brian Cadd - The Magic Of Brian Cadd
This album was released in the same year that LITTLE RIVER BAND released their debut. GLENN SHORROCK'S long-time buddy and former AXIOM member BRIAN CADD had already won various contests such as 'Most Popular Australian Musician 1973','Best Songwriter 1973' and 'The Biggest Contribution to the Pop Industry 1973.'
Some arrangements on this album are very similar to the ones of the LITTLE RIVER BAND debut.
Brian Cadd - The Magic Of Brian Cadd
Brian Cadd - White On White
Another recording of BRIAN CADD. On this solo album appearances of BILL PAYNE (of LITTLE FEAT), RICHIE ZITO (famous U.S. session guitarist) and PETER BECKETT (!) are included. Brian Cadd - White On White
Stars - Paradise
In 1977 LITTLE RIVER BAND guitarist RICK FORMOSA produced this Aussie band, joined by BEEB BIRTLES to produced two of the ten tracks, Jupiter Creek and Mighty Rock. STARS have released a total of three albums, as far as I know, but I would call this one the most entertaining and well-balanced of them. Stars - Paradise
Glenn Shorrock, Beeb Birtles, Graeham Goble -Beginnings, Vol. 1 & 2
With the worldwide success of LRB in the second half of the 70s Capitol Records decided to release these two vinyl compilations of early recordings of GLENN SHORROCK, BEEB BIRTLES and GRAEHAM GOBLE. The sleeve notes read: "But before there was Little River Band, three of its founding members apprenticed in two of Australia's most popular, and seminal, bands - Glenn Shorrock in Axiom, Beeb Birtles and Graham Goble in Mississippi. ... Of value to historian and fan alike, these tracks provide a key to the sound that have made Little River Band a favorite of audiences throughout the world." Glenn Shorrock, Beeb Birtles, Graham Gobel - Beginnings
Tony Sciuto - Island Nights
Long before TONY'S membership with LITTLE RIVER BAND in 1990 ever became a subject, he released this wonderful album, co-produced by him and STEVE DORFF. 'Island Nights' spawned the hit single with the same title and was very successful in Japan. At this point in time TONY'S musical style was rather pop oriented, adult contemporary, and this release explains why he and his collaboration partner SAMMY EGORIN are considered such a successful and brilliant composer team. Popular and highly-acclaimed session musicians appear on these tracks, such as ED GREENE [drums], STEVE LUKATHER [guitars, TOTO], BILL CUOMO [keyboards, worked with KIM CARNES amongst others and later co-produced BEEB BIRTLES' 'Driven By Dreams' album], and TONY'S brother MICHAEL SCIUTO [bass], who later also toured with former STYX lead singer, DENNIS DeYOUNG. Tony Sciuto - Island Nights
Zoot - Zoot Locker
ZOOT were the early experience of BEEB BIRTLES, occasionally backing for a young British singer in their early years: JOHNNY FARNHAM. Originally known as TIMES UNLIMITED the band was renamed to ZOOT in 1968 and gained success wearing pink clothes and their hit-singles 1 x 2 x 3 x 4, Little Roland Lost and the BRIAN CADD/DON MUDIE composition It's About Time. In 1970 they released their only album 'Just Zoot'. Members of the band have been DARRYL COTTON [as far as I know he had another Australian hit in 1980], TERRY BRITTEN [who later became a very popular songwriter for artists such as Tina Turner], JOHN D'ARCY [who left in 1968 for ALISON GROS with GRAEHAM GOBLE] and RICK SPRINGFIELD [who had several worldwide smash hits and albums]. This album compiles their best and most successful recordings. And please be sure you don't miss the ZOOT story told by BEEB BIRTLES himself! Zoot - Zoot Locker
The Australian Crawl - The Boys Light Up
By the time that GLENN SHORROCK released his first solo single Dream Lover and GRAEHAM GOBLE produced JOHN FARNHAM'S 'Uncovered', it was DAVID BRIGGS' production of the popular THE AUSTRALIAN CRAWL, teaming up with LRB  drummer DEREK PELLICCI and other musicians, known from LRB related releases, like MAL LOGAN on keyboards and BILL HARROWER on the saxophone. The Australian Crawl - The Boys Light Up
The Twilights - The Way They Played
Lead singer GLENN SHORROCK had been a member of the moderately successful THE TWILIGHTS from 1963 to 1968, before he joined the Australian supergroup AXIOM. This compilation puts together the best of the TWILIGHTS tracks. The Twilights - The Way They Played
O.S.T. - The Karate Kid Part III
LITTLE RIVER BAND participated in this soundtrack compilation with a preview publication of the TOM KELLY/BILLY STEINBERG composition Listen To Your Heart, which resurfaced on the 'Get Lucky' album. O.S.T. - The Karate Kid 3
Steve Grace - Children Of The Western World
Another BEEB BIRTLES production of his post-LITTLE RIVER BAND days. Singer/songwriter STEVE GRACE scored former LRB bassist GEORGE McARDLE for the studio sessions to this album. As far as I know, this was his debut. Does anybody know what happened to STEVE GRACE? This is a very interesting Aussie recording; I love it :-) Steve Grace - Children Of The Western World
James Reyne - Electric Digger Dandy
In the past years JAMES REYNE has become one of Australia's foremost artists. For 'Electric Digger Dandy' LRB lead guitarist STEPHEN HOUSDEN played a guitar solo on the song Slave. James Reyne - Electric Digger Dandy
Jesus Christ Superstar - Australian Cast
A tremendous cast for this historical rock opera, the worldwide successful 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. On August 2nd, 1992 the concert took place at the Sydney Entertainment Center. JOHN FARNHAM sang Jesus' parts, joined by the likes of ANGRY ANDERSON [ROSE TATTOO], KATE CELEBRANO, JOHN STEVENS and JOHN WATERS. The musical arrangements and production were done by former LRB keyboarder DAVID HIRSCHFELDER. Jesus Christ Superstar
The Dingoes - Way Out West * The Best Of
KERRYN TOLHURST was a member of MISSISSIPPI for two weeks in 1972. After that, he joined THE DINGOES [formerly known as SUNDOWN], another example of Australia's pulsing rock scene. THE DINGOES, also including former AXIOM member CHRIS STOCKLEY, were an important part of Australia's rock scene in the mid 70s. KERRYN also joined GLENN SHORROCK to collaborate with the composition Man On Your Mind for LRB'S 'Time Exposure' album. Way Out West, The Best Of The Dingoes
Prophecy -  Darkness
Another example for ROGER McLACHLAN'S work as a session bassist. This PROPHECY album comes heavy, but there are wonderful ballads included, too. On the PROPHECY homepage it says that this album is only available on the internet [but vanished in the meantime]. Prophecy - Darkness
The L.A. Cowboys - Endless Summer
One year before temporarily getting off of LITTLE RIVER BAND in 1996 bassist WAYNE NELSON recorded this album together with keyboarder JAMES STUDER. Guest musicians have been session cracks of the likes of TRIS IMBODEN [KENNY LOGGINS, AL JARREAU], GEORGE HAWKINS [KENNY LOGGINS, JACKSON BROWNE], Richard Bryant (LRB tour keyboarder 1992, BLAZING SALADS), MICK FLEETWOOD [FLEETWOOD MAC] and BUZZY FEITEN [too many projects to remember ONE!]. 'Endless Summer' was re-released in a limited quantity in summer 1998. The L.A. Cowboys - Endless Summer
The Beat Boys - First Christmas
Another project which LRB bassist WAYNE NELSON undertook in 1995, teaming up with STEVE VAUS, who also compiled the 'Stars Come Out For Christmas' album. All songs are Christmas tunes. The Beat Boys - First Christmas
It's A Long Way There
A 'Greatest Hits' compilation issued by the Disky label. Track listing: It's A Long Way There, Reminiscing, The Night Owls, Let's Dance, One For The Road, Man On The Run, Down On The Border, Emma, I'll Always Call Your Name, Take Me Home, Happy Anniversary, Middle Man, Hard Life, It's Not A Wonder. IT#s A Long Way There
Ten Best All-Time Greatest Hits
After 'The Classic Collection' of 1992, Capitol Records once again cannibalized the LITTLE RIVER BAND catalog with another 'Greatest Hits' listing: Help Is On Its Way, Reminiscing, Lady, Take It Easy On Me, Cool Change, Lonesome Loser, The Other Guy, Happy Anniversary, The Night Owls, Man on Your Mind. This release targeted at the US market. Ten Best All-Time Greatest Hits
Forever Blue
After the unexpected and overwhelming success of the track Forever Blue [taken from the 'No Reins' album] in the Netherlands, EMI released this compilation for the central European market. I'm sorry, the track listing is not available to me. Forever Blue
I Dream Alone
Obviously for the German market BMG published this compilation, basically put together by songs taken from 'Monsoon' and 'Get Lucky'. Track listing: I Dream Alone, If I Get Lucky, Soul Searching, A Cruel Madness, Two Emotions, Listen To Your Heart, Every Time I Turn Around, Shadow In The Rain, As Long As I'm Alive, Face In The Crowd, Time & Eternity, There's Not Another You, Second Wind, It's Cold Out Tonight, The One That Got Away, Love Is A Bridge. I Dream Alone
Merril Bainbridge - The Garden
I found this album when searching the web for ROGER McLACHLAN. He played on this album and, as far as I've heard, also played in the live group of female Australian singer MERRIL BAINBRIDGE. I heard this album has become a big success in Oz for this formerly unknown artist. Merril Bainbridge - The Garden
Good Vibrations - A concert for Marc Hunter
MARC HUNTER, who died of cancer in early 1998, has had a lot of successes in Australia as well as overseas. Therefore, after his death many colleagues and fellow musicians gathered for this tribute concert, at which GLENN SHORROCK performed This Time as well as Cool Change. Other artists included are the likes of JAMES REYNE, MENTAL AS ANYTHING, TOMMY EMMANUEL with JACK JONES, JIMMY BARNES, JENNY MORRIS, and many more. Good Vibrations - A concert for Marc Hunter
Tommy Emmanuel - Collaboration
TOMMY EMMANUEL, well-known Australian guitarist, teamed up with many appreciated artists like HUMAN NATURE, RICK PRICE and others for the recording of this release. GLENN SHORROCK joins him for a remake version of Reminscing. I'd personally prefer the original, but this version is a great example for GLENN'S vocal capabilities, as well as TOMMY'S extraordinary guitar playing. Tommy Emmanuel - Collaboration
Tony Sciuto - Be My Radio
Firstly released in 1999
Unbelievable that this material was hidden from fans and the market for almost twenty years! 'Be My Radio' is a release of the Japanese Cool Sound label, publishing material recorded by TONY back in 1981 as a subsequent result of his successful 'Island Nights' album. Equal to 'Island Nights' the tracks herein were again produced by TONY and/or STEVE DORFF, using the same high-quality musicians as on the first album. Amongst the superb title track, the opener Secrets In The Night [with indubitable hit potential] and the beautiful ballad M'Lisa [which was previously released by the BAY CITY ROLLERS on their 'Dedication' album] 'Be My Radio' also contains three tracks marked as bonus tracks. Those are an alternate mix of Island Nights as well as two other songs from that album, namely Trapeze and Angel. Tony Sciuto - Be My Radio
The Very Best Little River Band Album Ever
The very best LRB album ever? Arghhh ... track listing: It's a Long Way There, Home On Monday, Forever Blue, Reminiscing, Lonesome Loser, The Night Owls, You're Driving Me Out of My Mind, Help Is On Its Way, Lady, Take It Easy On Me, Happy Anniversary, The Other Guy, We Two, Man on Your Mind, Cool Change, Reminiscing [live], Help Is On Its Way [live].
amazon.com's editorial review states: "17 Digitally Remastered Greats from the band from down under that conquered the charts of the world. The series title is true to what it promises: every top hit they ever had is included here. An ideal compilation ... and an ideal compilation series. (Other artist's collections share the same title as well)."
The Very Best LRB Album Ever
The Originals - It's A Long Way
The Disky label finally released the CD version of the 1979 'Greatest Hits' album. The track listing is equal to the vinyl album version. The Originals - It's A Long Way
Help Is On Its Way
The title of this compilation might be considered misleading. This is nothing but a 15-track 'Greatest Hits' selection issued by the Disky label. Track listing: It's A Long Way There, Happy Anniversary, One For The Road, Curiosity (Killed The Cat), Home on Monday, Mistress Of Mine, Broke Again, Middle Man, Reminiscing, Help Is On Its Way, Lady, Forever Blue, Lonesome Loser, Man On Your Mind, The Other Guy.
Interestingly, the CD cover displays the highly successful Mark#4 including DAVID BRIGGS and GEORGE McARDLE.
Help Is On Its Way
Mississippi - Mississippi
CD-reissue of 2002 (?)
Very much to my delight I learned that EMI Australasia decided to reissue the sole MISSISSIPPI release on CD. Neither the track listing nor the sound appears to be different from the 1973 vinyl release. The cover is different, though. At least this CD was made from the original tapes. Mississippi
Susie Ahern & Michael Spiby - Come In Spinner More
The outstanding lead voice of BROKEN VOICES can be heard again on this superb jazz album which is meant as a follow-up to the highly-successful 'Come In Spinner' of 1989. This initial release became a classic of the Australian jazz music scene. Granted, the music on this album has little to do with what BROKEN VOICES stood for, but if you enjoyed SUSIE'S voice with BROKEN VOICES, you'll like 'Come In Spinner More' just as well! Susie Ahern & Michael Spiby - Come In Spinner More

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