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Little River Band

Stephen Housden

Stephen Housden

In 1982, after finishing the recordings of 'Time Exposure' and a subsequent tour, lead guitarist DAVID BRIGGS left LITTLE RIVER BAND and was replaced by STEPHEN HOUSDEN. As with many of these changes of the line-up, fans were initially skeptical about the new member, in particular because of DAVID BRIGGS' writing skills of songs like Happy Anniversary [together with BEEB BIRTLES] and Lonesome Loser. But STEPHEN did a great job from the first day on, and ever since also interprets the old LRB material in a convincing manner.

The first album STEPHEN appeared on with LITTLE RIVER BAND was the 1982 released 'Greatest Hits' album - which contains the first two songs recorded by LRB with both STEHEPHN HOUSDEN and JOHN FARNHAM, We Two and Down on The Border - and subsequently the extraordinary 'The Net', which contains more powerful guitar parts than on any previous LRB release. The album spawned a first HOUSDEN composition for the group, the mysterious but uptempo Falling, and it seems to me that STEPHEN and his musicianship were a major tool for GRAEHAM GOBLE'S plans to consider new directions for the band. With the freshly updated LRB including JOHN FARNHAM as their new lead singer, and also WAYNE NELSON on bass, this line-up's style became heavier, releasing two more brilliant albums, 'Playing To Win' (1984) and 'No Reins' (1986). Unfortunately, both without significant sales and successes.

STEPHEN'S playing is technical as well as soulful. He's picking the strings as well as using a guitar pick, he sweeps and bends, combines traditional rock guitar styles with Celtic influences.

In 1988, after reuniting with founding members DEREK PELLICCI and GLENN SHORROCK, the high-quality 'Monsoon' album spawned the successful hit single Love Is A Bridge, a joint composition of STEPHEN HOUSDEN and GRAEHAM GOBLE.

Obviously HOUSDEN and GOBLE got along pretty well at that point, because when GRAEHAM GOBLE started his project BROKEN VOICES, STEPEHEN was the first choice for the lead guitar parts, side by side with female lead singer SUSIE AHERN.

Without a recording contract by the end of 1990, GRAEHAM GOBLE decided to leave the band, and LITTLE RIVER BAND started touring the world, mainly playing their old successful hits. At that time GOBLE was replaced by former PLAYER member, PETER BECKETT. But HOUSDEN and GOBLE stayed in touch, also cooperating on the recordings of GRAEHAM GOBLE'S next solo project 'Nautilus' (1993).

It was the same year that STEPEHEN pursued his solo effort, recording his first [and currently only] solo album ever. With this album 'New World Groove' STEPHEN'S preference for Celtic scales also became obvious. He truly did some incredible lead guitar parts on this release. Highly recommended to every fan and guitar player!

Throughout the years 1996/97 many things changed for LITTLE RIVER BAND. Lead singer GLENN SHORROCK left and was replaced by the lead singer of the GRAEHAM GOBLE projects, STEVE WADE. The long-appreciated WAYNE NELSON also left at that stage. The same was true with PETER BECKETT as well as TONY SCIUTO and founder member DEREK PELLICCI. All of them terminated their memberships by the end of the year 1997.

STEPHEN HOUSDEN decided to continue with LRB and is currently leading and managing the band, pursuing the third level by recruiting a more Australian lineup of LITTLE RIVER BAND. Read more about it on the tour biography which was written and contributed by Australia's foremost rock historian, Glenn A. Baker!

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Name: Stephen Housden
Date of birth: 21st September 1951
Place of birth: Bedford, England
Instruments: guitars
Dislikes: Treading on chewing gum.
Musical career: (still working on this one.)
Current activities: Stephen will be touring the US with the new lineup of LITTLE RIVER BAND.

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Stephen Housden - New World Groove
When the 1992 world tour was finished, all members of the band obviously went their separate ways for some time. And so did STEPHEN HOUSDEN, as this album release shows. Actually solely an instrumental album, this CD plainly exposes his stunning guitar technique and composing styles. STEPHEN includes Celtic influences from him mother-country, England. DEREK PELLICCI shows up as a guest for drum programming and percussions, as well as percussionist ALEX PERTOUT, who can also be heard on GRAHAM GOBLE'S solo recordings. Stephen Housden - New World Groove

Stephen Housden's New World Groove

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