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Little River Band

A web-interview with Mr. Goble

July 22nd, 1997

Graham's comment

Hey folks, looks as if this thing is still rollin' fairy well. Only few people knew that I have a contact to MICHAEL COSTA from Australia. He's working as a digital editor on various successful releases from Australia (for the example the 1992 Australian cast of 'Jesus Christ Superstar') and stuff of LITTLE RIVER BAND, for example: he was working on both of GRAEHAM GOBLE'S recent releases, as well as on the solo album of STEPHEN HOUSDEN, etc. therefore knows the band pretty well. To make a long story short - he's in touch with GRAHEM GOBLE, who - the attentive reader may have sensed this already - is one of my personal heroes in the musical department :-). For that reason I was very pleased and delighted, that MICHAEL could arrange another web-interview as we have already had with drummer DEREK PELLICCI. GRAEHAM lives in Melbourne, Australia and here's what we've also been wanting to know:

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www.lrb.net Graeham
1.) Graeham, what were your reasons to leave LITTLE RIVER BAND in early 1992?

Being in Little River Band was great in the early years, but there were always many of my songs that were unsuitable for the band and by the late 1980's I wanted to record different styles of music. In 1992 Little River Band no longer had a recording contract and there was no immediate possibility of recording. I always preferred recording to 'Live Work' and when the future of the band appeared to be just playing the greatest hits for the rest of its life, then I knew it was time for me to leave.
2.) A completely new line-up is right now touring the States. Does the current band still have any effect on you, or: do you still observe what they are doing, and are they interesting to you? I have never seen the current line-up perform, but I did see the current line-up (without Steve Wade) on video. At our best, LRB were one of the finest live bands in the World and it is disappointing to realize that some people may see the band now for the first time and not know how great it used to be, particularly in the vocal department. When I say the vocal department, I am referring to the harmonies and the tightness and power with which we used to perform our vocals. The current lead vocalist is Steve Wade who (in my opinion) is well suited to the lead vocal role for Little River Band. Steve sang lead vocals on my first two solo albums.
3.) I already asked this DEREK: as most of the former members still play together on various projects (e.g. DEREK played on your two solo recordings), do you think one day there might be a reunion of the original-cast, including you and BEEB? There are a lot of obstacles to an original line-up reunion. Maybe a television performance would be possible, but I am very doubtful that circumstances would allow this to happen. I would personally like to work with Beeb again. I have not seen him for many years and I would enjoy getting together again. Beeb was a very important part of Little River Band and any LRB line-up would benefit from his inclusion. I would be available if a reunion was organized, but only for a short period as my life and music have moved a long way from my LRB days.
4.) Around the time of the 'The Last Romance'-period I had the feeling that you and BEEB had a great effect on the fate of the group. Do you still have contact with him, now that he's living in the States? Or would you consider composing with him? And, was this first duet album a special experience for you? If 'The Last Romance' album had been successful, I expect that Beeb and I would have left Little River Band and recorded as a duo, e.g. 'Hall & Oates'. Our record company (Capitol) were concerned about this possibility and so our album received little support. It was a great experience to record 'The Last Romance' and it remains one of my favorite recordings.
5.) Do you plan to perform on live concerts with the songs of your albums? Or, did you ever have live concerts until today (as I never heard you were playing live)? The only live work I have done in connection with my solo albums was a short visit to Germany in November 1993 when I performed on 5 TV shows with Steve Wade & Greg Hind. 3 vocals & 3 acoustic guitars. I was disappointed with the sound quality of our 'unplugged' performances and I would have preferred to perform with a complete band, but my record company were unable to fund a tour. I am currently working on my 3rd solo album and I look forward to the possibility of working live.
6.) LITTLE RIVER BAND were always known and appreciated for their close-harmony vocals. Was this an intended concept when the group got together in 1975, or did it just happen? My early influences were bands like 'The Beatles', 'The Hollies', 'Crosby Stills Nash & Young', 'Bread' and I always wanted to be in a band with harmonies. LRB was an extension of my previous bands. From my very first band we had 3 part harmonies and so by the time 1975 arrived I was writing most of my songs with the vocals as the main thing.
7.) I heard you're into working with a sequencer right now. Do you like this way to produce music, or do you still prefer playing with a band? I like a mixture of Sequencer & Live Musicians. The album I am currently working on will be with mainly Live Musicians. The first tracks that I record are my acoustic guitar & vocals which are recorded to a sequence. I then record live musicians, one at a time. I spend a great amount of time on my recordings. I often re-record things that don't work and keep at it until the track sounds the way I want.
8.) How do you compose your songs? Do you start up with a guitar, or did you switch to the computer and develop your ideas solely using a sequencer? I still write my songs the same way as when I first began. Usually an idea comes while I'm playing my acoustic guitar, but songs often come to me at any time of the day when I'm not playing my guitar. I sometimes dream complete compositions. I only go to the sequencer after I have written the song.
9.) Being the creative person that you are: what did you enjoy the most, recording in the studio, or the live situation with LITTLE RIVER BAND? As I said in answer to question one, I have always preferred recording to live work, but during the years 1984 & 1985, when the LRB line-up was myself; Wayne Nelson, Stephen Housden, John Farnham, David Hirschfelder & Stephen Prestwich, the live performances were so inspiring that I enjoyed playing live as much as recording. I count myself privileged to have experienced playing and singing with this line-up.
10.) Do you know what happened to WAYNE NELSON? He left LRB in January 1996, but nobody knows where he has gone to. I have not had any personal contact with Wayne for a few years, but a friend of mine in the States is in contact with him and I am told that he is doing recording work as a session musician.

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Graeham Goble
22 years with LITTLE RIVER BAND:
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