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Broken Voices
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BROKEN VOICES was the brainchild project of founding-LRB member GRAEHAM GOBLE. After becoming unhappy with the direction the band was going into he decided to quit with LITTLE RIVER BAND and started recording his first project together with LRB guitarist STEPHEN HOUSDEN and well-known female singer SUSIE AHERN in 1991.
Since then the tapes of BROKEN VOICES were shut away and a complete secret to the fans. In 1997 Thoughtscape Sounds and GRAEHAM finally decided to release this fine recording material.
There are outstanding refrains and great songs on this album, i.e. the opener Lessons Of Love, and also Restless Heart. It's interesting to hear the included version of Wanted included herein, a song that later reappeared as a new recording on GRAEHAM'S solo album 'Stop'. I personally feel that the SUSIE AHERN version of this song is hard to top.

We are also happy to be able to publish an interview held with the lead singer, MS. AHERN, who we eventually had the pleasure to get in touch with in October 2000. Please click here to read the interview with BROKEN VOICES singer SUSIE AHERN!

Broken Voices
Graeham Goble - Stephen Housden - Susie Ahern

"Broken Voices"

BROKEN VOICES, the 1997 released album of GRAEHAM GOBLE'S first project after terminating his LRB membership after almost fifteen years, included LRB guitarist STEPHEN HOUSDEN as well as popular female Australian singer SUSIE AHERN. No matter whether you consider this to be GRAEHAM'S first solo album or a separate effort to found a follow-up band to GRAEHAM'S previous LITTLE RIVER BAND, it remains a misfortune that it took seven long years until this great material finally hit the market. Just like STEPHEN HOUSDEN confirmed in his webinterview: "I think we were a little ahead of our time". Quite true! A magnificent album!
Broken Voices

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