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The Last Romance

In 1979 something interesting happened: LITTLE RIVER BAND members BEEB BIRTLES and GRAEHAM GOBLE released a duo album, 'The Last Romance'. You probably would have expected something very close to the original LRB sound. But the album came with a rather soft and romantic sound, possibly due to the fact that both were focussed on spiritual issues they may have intended to express with this release.

Long time LRB drummer DEREK PELLICCI confirmed in his web interview with us: "Beeb & Graham had many songs that had not been used by LRB and were very keen to put them out as a duo. The album spawned a very successful single 'I'm Coming Home' which I had the pleasure of playing on!!"

Beeb Birtles and Graeham Goble

It is true that many musicians of LITTLE RIVER BAND as well as talented guest & session musicians were instrumental in producing this album, for example LRB members DAVID BRIGGS, GEORGE McARDLE and - as mentioned above - drummer DEREK PELLICCI. Additionally there were also were long-time LRB supporting musicians such as bassists MICHAEL CLARKE and BARRY SULLIVAN, PETER JONES on acoustic piano and keyboards, and sax player BILL HARROWER.

Except for the successful single I'm Coming Home the album didn't sell too well, probably because of the fact that there was no support of the record company. GRAEHAM said about this: "Our record company (Capitol) were concerned about this possibility and so our album received little support. It was a great experience to record 'The Last Romance' and it remains one of my favorite recordings."

Beeb Birtles and Graeham Goble
Beeb Birtles & Graeham Goble

'The Last Romance' also spawned some songs that were covered by other artists, for example Into My Life, which was covered by gospel group THE IMPERIALS, and the title track Last Romance was a hit for Australian singer MARK HOLDEN.

Here's an introduction to the album itself ... click on the small image to view the album page and to get to the lyrics of the single tracks.

Beeb Birtles & Graeham Goble - The Last Romance
Despite the release of the highly successful 'First Under The Wire', BEEB BIRTLES and GRAEHAM GOBLE had finished composing so many songs that had not been used by LRB, and were very keen to be put out as a duo. Therefore they decided to produce this album as a duo, opening with the fantastic Lonely Lives. The album comes quite mellow and calm, and thus - in my opinion - it was a good decision to not publish these songs as LITTLE RIVER BAND material. There is a special quality between BEEB and GRAEHAM, only heard on this recording and on the song I Don't Worry No More from the 'Backstage Pass' release. In the meantime the album was [thankfully] re-released on CD in 1997. LRB members such as DAVID BRIGGS on guitars, GEORGE McARDLE on bass and DEREK PELLICCI on drums joined the two in the studio, together with other session musicians. Beeb Birtles & Graeham Goble - The Last Romance

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