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A web-interview with Mr. Beckett

A guestbook message, dated January 16th, 1998, alerted me and caused my interest. PÄR WINBERG penned a message and related that he had made interviews with PETER BECKETT as well as TONY SCIUTO. Of course, my first impulse was to go there and read ... and I asked PÄR whether I could include these interviews to our LITTLE RIVER BAND pages.
Bad news for fans in early 1998: PETER and TONY have left LITTLE RIVER BAND!

Midwestern Skies
by courtesy of Midwestern Skies, Pär Winberg

Midwestern Skies Peter
1.) Nice to hear from you and congratulation to your award. What kinda award was it you won recently? Actually it was a nomination for best independent production of a CD at the L.A. music awards.
2.) What about the 'Lost In Reality' (a.k.a. 'Electric Shadow') album. Any commercial success? The first single Footprints In The Sand got a lot of airplay here in the U.S. but River North Records dropped the ball after that. They were really a country label out of Nashville and the whole set up was a mistake for us.
3.) I know that Tony Scuito was in the live line up with you. Who else was/where in the band with you? We had Elliot Easton on Guitar from The Cars, Burleigh Drummond on drums from Ambrosia, myself and Ronn Moss.
4.) For me the 'new' Player album feels like a logic follow up to your excellent self titled album from '91. Was the Player album ever meant to be a solo album of yours? No, I started off producing a record for Ronn as an artist and it just naturally turned into Player over time.
5.) What about 1997? I know and was a little surprised about the award. I though the album was in the past and that you worked on some new stuff. Do you still see a commercial possibility with this album? The CD was never released in Europe. We signed world rights to River North who turned out to be impotent in Europe. We tried to buy back the CD from them, but they would not do it so that is probably that!
6.) How come you changed name of the album from 'Electric Shadow', as the Japanese version is called, to 'Lost In Reality' and why did you change some songs? 'Electric Shadow' was Ronn's idea, I changed it for the U.S. market to something that suited the songs a little more. I also added what I thought was missing on the Japanese version and remixed Baby Come Back, since we had the opportunity.
7.) I just love your tunes you've done with Bob Marlette. This Is Your Life is an excellent tune. Have you written more songs recently? I wrote those songs with Bob and then we both got busy with separate projects. I have not seen him in a while.
8.) And what about the ultimate Marc Jordan/Beckett tune Cherry Lane? Do you have any plans to work together again? I have always loved Marc's work, I will probably call him for my new project.
9.) Dennis Lambert is not so involved in the new Player album. What about the future with him? Dennis has moved to New York where he has set up a new record label, Babylon Records. I spoke with him a while back. He was my mentor in the past, but it's difficult to write bi-coastally.
10.) Could you name a few CD's you've bought and enjoyed the last year and have your music taste changed a lot the last couple of years?? I love all the 'World Party' records. A new acquisition was Andrew Dorff on Sony work. My musical tastes have always leaned towards the melodic, and I don't really care what the style is as long as the melody is there. Of course the lyrics are important also.
11.) How did you come up with the idea of working with Ron again after all these years? Was it much easier for you to get the record out in the US due to the reason that he's a big 'soap' star these days? The record label actually preferred to keep Ronn's soap thing undercover and were not really interested in that aspect. Whether that was a mistake or not ... I don't really know.
12.) What about LITTLE RIVER BAND. Is that something for the past or do you still working with them ? Little River Band as of last month is a thing of the past for me. The band lost it's last remaining original member and has fallen apart. There might be some totally unoriginal mock up of LRB touring around next year, but I personally don't want to be involved. I spent nine years with the band, and in the last two years it started losing it's validity, for me.
13.) Could you mention some records that you've been playing on the last years and have you 'scored' a lot of songs on other artists records? In the last few years, because of touring with LRB and doing the Player thing I have not really been concentrating on outside writing. I have a second 'Think Out Loud' CD released in Europe right now with Steve Kipner and I hear it's getting some airplay. I'm currently working on a solo CD.
14.) Do you have plans to develop your producer-talents and produce other artists like your old 'AOR colleagues' Glenn Ballard, Rick Neigher and Aldo Nova just to mention a few? Perhaps you have your 'own' talented '27' year old rock girl with killer tunes that will be out soon??? I have just installed a digital hard disk studio in my home and will be doing most of my work from there from now on. I intend to find some new talent at some stage of the game when I get time. Meanwhile I am in the middle of a solo project, most of which will be played and sung entirely by me. I have found that when I do this, I tend to go back to my Liverpool roots. Most of my new songs reflect this more simple, melodic style. Check out Andrew Dorff...very original!
That's all for now ... I'm going skiing!! Bye bye,
All the best , Happy new year.
Peter Beckett.

Peter 	Beckett

Peter Beckett - Beckett
Later replacing GRAEHAM GOBLE in the band, this album shows PETER BECKETT, formerly a member of the band PLAYER [who shared the same management as LRB] with his solo album 'Beckett'. PETER is also known as the co-composer of the worldwide smash Baby Come Back. Using WAYNE NELSON on bass and backing vocals, this album comes quite heavy. The song The Bottom Line was later re-recorded by LITTLE RIVER BAND and released as the B-side of the Worldwide Love single. Beckett
Player - Electric Shadow
For me, it was pretty surprising to find this CD. Obviously LITTLE RIVER BAND were on a low point in 1995, and PETER BECKETT got together with his long time pal RONN MOSS for a reunion of their old band PLAYER. The album had some success in Japan. This album doesn't sound very much like our LITTLE RIVER BAND at all, but it's a highly recommended adult oriented rock album with some very good compositions. It also includes a re-recording of PETER'S big success Baby Come Back. No other LRB member joined the two on this recording. Player - Electric Shadow
Think Out Loud - Shelf Life
This is the recent release I have heard of from PETER BECKETT. Together with famous U.S. guitarist and songwriter STEVE KIPNER both united on this project called THINK OUT LOUD. It's typically American mainstream with very interesting compositions and a polished charts sound. It contains the single hit Invisible Man. Can't tell you much about the musicians, as there is no credit information included. When did the guys record this album? Right before the big LITTLE RIVER BAND U.S. tour 1997 when PETER joined the group again? Think Out Loud - Shelf Life

More information about PETER BECKETT and PLAYER:


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